Offer your customers, members or employees a gift  original  and eco-friendly

with plantable seed paper cards.

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Seeded paper is environmentally friendly biodegradable paper,

made from recycled materials in which annual wildflower seeds are incorporated:
Gilia, Clarkia, Rudbeckia, Alysson, Silenus, Snapdragon.
When the paper is planted, it produces a beautiful bouquet of flowers and leaves no waste.

It is possible to write directly on the card using a ballpoint pen.

How to plant the seeded paper? >>

What are the customization options?


  • Use an existing graphic and adapt it to your needs (included in the price).

      >> Discover the existing graphics  

  • Add your logo and/or a short phrase (included in the price).

  • Let's create a 100% personalized graphic design together

    ( an additional charge applies | Minimum order of 100 cards for 100% personalized graphics).

  • On the back of the card are instructions for sowing.

  • It is also possible to print a personalized message.


  • Our standard cards are 5x7 inches | Double-sided (do not open).

  • For personalized orders it is however possible to obtain cards in the format  

    4.25x5.5 or  3.5x5 | Both sides.


  • A minimum order of 30 cards is required. Cards are sold in packs of 10.

  • Our company does not support orders over 200 cards.

    If you have any questions about this, it is best to contact us for an arrangement.

100% recycled kraft envelopes, included in the price.

Size 5x7 inches | Both sides

30-50: $4.40$/unit

60-100: $4.20/unit

110-150: $4.00/unit

160-200: $3.80/unit


Size 4.25x5.5 inches | Both sides

30-50: $4.20/unit

60-100: $4.00/unit

110-150: $3.80/unit

160-200: $3.60/unit


Size 3.5x5 inches | Both sides

30-50: $4.00/unit

60-100: $3.80/unit

110-150: $3.60/unit

160-200: $3.40/unit