Cartes-cadeaux à semer | Cartes ensemencées

Lot of 4 small gift cards to sow | Hearts

Lot of 4 pretty little cards to sow for different occasions, ideal to accompany your gifts or attentions.  When planted in the ground, they will produce a beautiful bouquet of wildflowers.


💌 What do you get?

- 4 small seeded cards in 3.5x5 inch format (approximately 9x13 cm).

- 4 models according to your choice (A to H).

- 2 formats available: Double-sided cards or folded cards.

- Instructions with internet link, printed on the back.

- 4 kraft envelopes.


🖋 Choice of models

- You can choose the models and the desired language: FRENCH or ENGLISH.

- You can choose 4 models among those offered (A to H).

- You can choose the same model multiple times if you want.

- Specify your choices in the personalization section provided for this purpose, indicating the corresponding letters.


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  • ⌛️ Processing time

    Shipment made within 2  at 3 working days + postage delay


    📫 Mailing

    Cards are carefully packaged to protect them from moisture and shipped in a rigid mailer.



    • Lettermail (WITHOUT tracking number)  2-7 working days depending on the destination.
    • Expedited parcel (WITH tracking number)  2-4  working days within Quebec /  3-6 working days outside of Quebec.
  • Seeded paper is an environmentally friendly biodegradable paper made with recycled materials  in which wildflower seeds are incorporated (no damaged trees for this paper).  When the paper is planted in the ground, it produces a beautiful bouquet of wildflowers and leaves no waste.

    It is possible to write on seeded paper  using a ballpoint pen.

    Seeded paper can be stored for up to 2 years in a cool, dry place protected from light.

PriceFrom C$20.50