Sachets de graines à semer | Funérailles

Seeds packets | Funeral | Branches

Are you looking for an original and eco-friendly gift to celebrate an event?

We offer personalized seeds packets.

Each packet allows you to flower a corner of the garden or 1 to 2 pots depending on the size.


♻️ 100% recycled paper

Fragments of paper (brown, black or white) are visible, providing a very natural and rustical look.


🌸 Seeds to choose

- Nasturtium

- Morning Glory

- Calendula


🖥 Graphics

You can customize the little main sentence, names, dates and thus adapt the visual to your event. Wedding | Birth | Funeral | Birthday | Baptism | Corporate | Other

  • The basic design (drawings, colors, etc.) cannot be modified.
  • You can change the font using the table provided in the photos.
  • On the back, printed on the flap, is the variety of seeds as well as an internet link containing instructions for sowing.


📌 Are you a company?

Check out the options available.


Resale prohibited.

  • 🖋 Process

    1. Choose the number of packets you want. Sold in lots of 10 packets.
    2. Fill in the information you would like to see on the packet in the section provided.
    3. If the original font does not suit you, indicate your choice of typography by using the table proposed among the photos.
    4. Indicate the variety of seeds you want in the section provided.
    5. Leave the quantity on 1.
    6. When the purchase is made, a visual will be sent to you by email within 12 to 24 hours (working days). No printing until your final approval.


    ⌛️ Processing Time

    Once your final confirmation has been given, it will take 3-5 business days to make up + shipping time.

    Note that orders over 200 packets may take 5-10 business days, depending on the quantity ordered.


    Is your order urgent?

    Contact us and we will see what can be done.

PriceFrom C$63.00